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Man Apologizes for Proposing a Muslim Girl Publicly

'Bhiwandi' Man Gets Religious Threats for His Public LoveA man sees his love, gets down his car and falls on his knees with a flower in his hand and proposes his girl. The girl accepts his love and they both hug each other, then leave in the car together. Looks so good when you see the same scene in a movie. But what if the same happens on a busy road of Mumbai?

What is there in it? Well, many feel that there is nothing wrong or nothing to wonder about the same. But the couple got serious threats from their religious group to apologize for the public act. A video of Bhiwandi Boy proposing his girl, who he was engaged to, has gone viral on the internet, also drew the attention of the religious heads.

The man finally apologized, accepting his proposal and hug as a “mistake” and urged them to leave the girl and the family alone. The girl’s father has lodged a complaint in the thane police station for the threats that they were receiving.

Police assured the safety of the couple and said that they would take appropriate measures to avoid such public interference in the personal life of any individual.


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