Avinash Reddy KavithaBoth Telugu states’ ruling parties are in trouble with YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case and the Delhi Liquor Policy scam. There are speculations that arrests are imminent in both these cases.

Avinash happens to be the brother of CM Jagan Mohan Reddy while MLC Kavitha is CM KCR’s own daughter. The repercussions if they are arrested are also going to be high.

Meanwhile, there are bettings in certain pockets of both states but when and how they will be arrested?

Who between the both will be the first is the most favorite bet, as per the sources.

The odds are towards Kavitha as Avinash Reddy has approached Telangana High Court for immunity and the punters expect some relief for him until the legal process is completed.

So, they are estimating Kavitha will be the first to be arrested.

Telangana High Court will examine the audio and video recordings of Avinash’s CBI interrogation on Monday. He is once again required to appear before the CBI on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, after the first questioning session, Kavitha was served another notice to appear before the ED on March 16th.