Kodali -Nani - Roja Selvamani - Nara- LokeshWe are less than 48 hours away from the results of the elections. The tension is running high in everyone about who is winning Andhra Pradesh. Betting is rampant not only in Andhra Pradesh while also in Telangana regarding AP Assembly Results. The bettings have increased since the Exit Polls have arrived.

As the Exit Poll Results are divided, both the sides are hopeful and the bettings have increased. It is expected that a minimum of 2000 Crore is going to change hands on the Counting Day. The result of Mangalagiri constituency is the hottest among the punters as YSR Congress supporters are confident on Lokesh losing.

As much as 300 Crore is running on Mangalagiri alone. Mylavaram, Gudivada, and Nagari are also hot bets. YSR Congress Supporters are set to lose big if the party did not come to Power as the supporters are confident and have bet the most. On the other side, it is rumored that some of the candidates are also betting their money on their opposition money.

If their government wins, they will recover their election expenses through Kickbacks and if their Opposition party wins, they win their bet and thus recover the money they invested for the election. They feel in either way they will be on the winning side. 23rd will be very interesting for sure.