Bengaluru-City-Traffic-PoliceBengaluru traffic police seem to have taken an oath of slamming the road rule violators. Today to the shock of the riders, Yamaraj was on roads threatening the two-wheeler riders of death for not wearing a helmet. The god of death also patrolled on the rash drivers as he waved his mace as a warning to them.

Police hired the theater actor to be dressed as Yamaraj and go behind the road rule violators. This initiative was taken by the traffic police to bring awareness to the city people to use the roads in compliance with the traffic rules. Well, Yamaraj was seen signaling the riders with no helmet as if he would visit their home if they keep neglecting the safety norms.

Considering July to be the road safety month, police have taken this interesting initiative. On the other side, the officials have registered about 4,800 cases on the city auto drivers who have violated the rules from the proper documentation to follow the road rules. Way to go officers.