1-crore-dog-bangloreDogs are very faithful and devoted creatures and it is no wonder that some people love them more than anything else. This is perfectly true for Satish S, a man from Bangalore who just imported Two Korean mastiff puppies to Bengaluru at a shocking cost of Rs. 2 crore for the pair.

Satish who is a dog breeder by profession had wished to get this breed of dogs ever since he was a child. Although breeding and selling of pedigree dogs is a big business, Satish claims to be a genuine dog-lover and it was his passion to have this dog for the last 20 years. Ever since he was a child, Satish liked huge dogs with loose skin and searched all over the world for a dog breeder who raised such puppies.

Finally Satish’s dream has come true and the two puppies, brother and sister are at home with Satish, although the male puppy is a little ill and is receiving medical treatment.