Chandrababu Naidu Clean BejawadaAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had announced that he will very soon commence his three-days-a-week rule from his new camp office in Vijayawada. However the sanitation and garbage clearance in the city did not improve to impress the Chief Minister. The CM gave a dressing down to the officials about 6 months ago regarding the same but situation only worsened further since then.

Garbage is strewn on the beds of various canals crossing the city and empty places becoming dumping yards. The volume of garbage increase this summer by 20-25% as it is the wedding season but the officials have not made an arrangements to combat it. Shockingly, Vijayawada Muncipal Corporation is also facing a shortage of garbage collection workers this time.

Also there is a short age of Sanitation inspectors as they are being deployed for survey work and invigilation work. The left over staff are taking advantage of their absence and are not completing their work. With all this mess, Chandrababu’s dream of clean and green Vijayawada is going down the drain.