Banganapalli: Family And Cadre Problems For YCP MLAKatasani Rami Reddy won from Banaganapalli with a decent majority over TDP Senior leader BC Janardhan Reddy. Katasani previously won from PRP in 2009.

Katasani’s Brother passed away due to factionism. His son, Ramakanth Reddy who played a crucial role in YSR Congress’ victory in 2019 has announced quitting the party. He announced plans to join another party which will give him due recognition.

This is due to the differences with MLA. The MLA is trying to promote his son as his successor and that has offended Ramakanth Reddy.

Recently, a key follower of the party also left the party and joined TDP. He also complained that the MLA is ignoring services for the party and is promoting his own family members and juniors.

This type of attitude is not new with Katasani Rami Reddy. He also had issues with his other brother, Katasani Rambhupal Reddy. They used to be in Congress and TDP previously.

The party high command should intervene and resolve the mess, party supporters are saying.

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