Bandla-GaneshBandla Ganesh is struggling in films for a long time. He is unable to get projects materialized from any camps. Earlier he tried hands in Politics and burnt hands.

He announced quitting Politics but is back once again. From the last few days, he has been tweeting in favor of Janasena whenever possible.

The other day, he even attended a TV5 debate and made critical comments on YSR Congress leaders and ministers.

Sources say that Bandla is not keen on politics but is trying to get into the good books of Pawan Kalyan. So he will be given a chance to produce a film or two.

This is also the case with Thirty Years Industry Prudhvi. After burning hands in YSR Congress, he is trying to resurrect his career by joining Janasena.

He believes he already started getting offers after coming out of YSR Congress. So both of them are with the same game plan. But we will have to see if they get to succeed.