KTR-Bandi-Sanjay-Kumar-BJP-TelanganaLooks like CM KCR and son and MA & UD minister KTR are feeling the heat of being on the hit-list of the BJP. With BJP holding its national executive meeting in Hyderabad, the father-son duo is hitting out real hard at just about everyone from state leaders to Prime Minister himself.

Both KCR and KTR have been in full action giving out punches, and KTR has been Twitter happy by posting some hilarious comments made by state BJP president Bandi Sanjay by calling him bullshit Kumar.

A short meme of Bandi Sanjay being highly emotional and praising Modi for stopping the Ukraine war mixed with a scene from S/O Satyamurthy was posted by KTR on his Twitter handle, and he said, “Whatsapp University and its meritorious students and their hilarious make-believe universe. And the Telangana BJP chief who made this claim is aptly named BS Kumar.”

Of course, it is obvious what he meant to say; all of the social media is busy making memes of state BJP leaders’ speeches.

The aspirant chief minister also challenged BJP to rename Ahmedabad before thinking of changing the name of Hyderabad. It is known that renaming Hyderabad Bhagyanagar has been a bone of contention between the Centre and state governments.

While KCR and KTR cannot afford to displease the Muslim vote bank in Hyderabad, many born and brought up in Hyderabad feel Bhagyanagar does not sound cosmopolitan enough. However, different governments have changed colonial names of capital cities over the past few years, and BJP is lobbying hard to change the name to Bhagyanagar.