Balineni Srinivas ReddyBalineni Srinivas Reddy is the Senior leader in YSR Congress. He is a relative of Jagan from Vijayamma’s side. He relinquished his cabinet berth in Congress government and walked with Jagan after YSR’s demise.

He emerged as a tall leader in Jagan Government but things changed drastically in recent times. Balineni lost his cabinet berth in the last expansion. He was initially made the Regional Coordinator of Bapatla and Nellore but was shifted to Kadapa and Tirupati district duties.

Shunting out of the cabinet and regional coordinator duties of his own district propelled rumors about Balineni leaving the party.

There have been rumors about him joining Janasena and TDP.

Along with these rumors, he is finding himself in controversies frequently. He is busy clearing all these doubts and controversies regularly these days.

A senior leader pushed into such a situation is truly embarrassing.

Balineni is saying he is fighting the Opposition as well as the enemies of his own party.

At the same time, Balineni’s group says own party leaders can not have the courage to target a senior and Jagan’s relative unless they have some kind of support from someone big in the party.

The question who is that big man in the party who has the courage to take on Jagan’s relative without the CM’s support?

Does that mean Jagan is not happy with Balineni and wants to show him the door out of the party?