Basavatarakam HospitalNandamuri Balakrishna had been the commander in chief at the widely famous and renowned Basavatarakam cancer hospital.

The hospital is known for delivering quality cancer treatment to the poor and middle-class people who otherwise might not be able to afford quality medication for treating cancer.

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Now, in a rare acknowledgment, the Basavatarakam hospital has been ranked number 2 in the list of the best cancer hospitals all across India. The report was prepared by the reputed Outlook magazine.

While it might not be too difficult for a state of art costly hospital to be top ranked on the list, it certainly is a mighty feat for Basavatarakam which is run with the aim of helping the needy and providing cancer treatment at nominal costs comparatively.

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Balakrishna is ever so involved with the operations at the hospital and there are even reported occasions when he asked the staff to write off the bills for utterly poor folk.

The hospital is named after Balayya’s mother and he has made it his life’s mission to run it to the best of his capabilities. Well, the efforts have paid off with the hospital ranking number 2 on a reputed list.

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