Balakrishna Taraka Ratna Pedda KarmaThe sad passing of Nandamuri Tarakaratna has come as a rude shock to the Nandamuri family. In this hour of crisis, Balakrishna stood firm and provided much needed emotional support to the family.

In fact, Balayya even set aside arch political rivalry for Tarakaratna as he has been looking after the final rites and the customary Pedda Karma and Chinna Karma along with YCP’s Vijayasai Reddy, who is also a close relative of Tarakaratna.

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The latest news is that Balakrishna and Vijaysai are overseeing the Tarakaratna Pedda Karma event that is set to be held tomorrow, 2nd March.

Well, Balakrishna had been alongside Tarakaratna right from the day he was rushed to Kuppam hospital and then to Bengaluru hospital. Vijayasai Reddy came in a bit later as he first visited Bengaluru hospital.

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Balayya didn’t show any tantrum despite political rival Vijayasai, who often made offensive comments on TDP, was in close vicinity all the while at the final rites. He proved to be the bigger man.