MLA Balakrishna HindupurNot so long ago, Balakrishna kept making headlines for all the wrong reasons. He used to bag negativity for slapping his fans while out in the public. But things appear to have changed for good now. Here is an instance that proves the same.

Today, Balakrishna took part in a public meeting, demanding the YCP government to make Hindipur the district headquarters of Anantapur. The event witnessed massive crowds. TDP supporters turned up in big numbers.

Balakrishna was mobbed by a large gathering of TDP supporters. The first thing that strikes the mind when we see a visual like this is that Balayya might lose his cool and thrash a person or two in order to bring the crow under control. But nothing like that happened. Balayya patiently waved at his fans and carried a calm demeanor.

The talk in the industry is that Balakrishna is a changed man after the super successful Unstoppable. He spoke at length about the ‘slapping’ incidents on multiple occasions in the show and explained that his intention was never to hurt the fans. He might have done some retrospection.

Whatever might be the reason, Balakrishna has altered his attitude for good and that will only boost his image henceforth.