Bharath Perfect Reply to YCP ClanNara Lokesh’s Yuva Galam Padayatra is going on successfully. He crossed the 200 Kilometers landmark yesterday. Lokesh’s Padayatra is infusing energy into the cadre and making him close to the people.

But the YCP clan, their ministers, affiliated channels, and out-of-work people like RGV are putting all their efforts to pull Lokesh’s padayatra down.

Balakrishna’s son-in-law Bharat asked, “If the YCP cadre feels that TDP is finished, we don’t have the stamina to come back to power, then why giving Lokesh so much attention? If you have so much confidence that people will vote for Jagan once again, then leave Lokesh and let him do his pada yatra.”

He added, “If the YCP clan isn’t afraid then why are they putting hurdles in the pada yatra? If there are no crowds in Lokesh’s yatra, then why so much police bandobast?”

Bharat said, “YCP people don’t have clarity. On one side they say Nara Lokesh‘s pada yatra is a flop and on the other side, they are putting all their efforts to stop the yatra. If people are really on YCP’s side, then shouldn’t worry about Lokesh.”

The endless crying by Sakshi media, YCP Ministers, and people like Ramgopal Varma is proof of Lokesh’s Yuva Galam yatra’s success. If the public response was not positive, they wouldn’t have focussed so much to create negativity about the Padayatra, he said.