revanth-reddyFamous Criminal Lawyer, V.Madhusudhan Rao is appointed as the Special Prosecutor in Revanth Reddy’s case by the Telangana government. Earlier Madhusudhan Rao took up Balakrishna’s firing case and successfully saved him despite all the evidences being against him then.

Telangana government wants to tighten the case as much as possible and pin down Revanth Reddy and Telugu Desam Party. And so, Madhusudhan Rao is appointed as the Special Prosecutor till the case is completed.

Revanth Reddy’s daughter is getting engaged on the 11th of this month and so the Kodangal MLA is eagerly waiting to get bail. However few say bail is not possible in such case while others say even though he do not get bail in lower court, he will definitely get in the high court.