Balakrishna-Wife-Vasundhara-HindupurNandamuri Balakrishna’s wife, Vasundhara is usually reserved. She is not much into film biz or politics. She campaigned for her husband in the 2019 elections.

She is in Hindupur today. She has organized and attended Ugadi celebrations and Panchanga Sravanam in the local Ranganatha Swamy Temple in Hindupur town.

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This is not the first time Vasundhara is taking interest in the constituency of her husband.

Previously, she also pooled resources and started mobile Anna Canteens in the constituency. On both occasions, Balakrishna was not present in the constituency.

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She was also alongside Balakrishna when they launched NTR Aarogya Ratham last year.

There are some speculations in the constituency that Vasundhara may contest elections from Hindupur in the coming election while Balakrishna may contest from some other constituency.

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But then, TDP sources say Vasundhara is only helping her husband who is busy with films and the cancer hospital.

Balakrishna won the 2019 elections despite a massive anti-incumbency wave against TDP back then. He, in fact, improved his majority when compared to the 2014 elections.