Balakrishna_Warns_YSRCP_MLAYSRCP Narsaraopeta MLA Gopireddy Srinivas Reddy rubbed Nandamuri Balakrishna on the wrong side after the latter is displeased with the same and has issued a warning to the MLA.

Going into the story, a YCP activist named Bhaskar Reddy played a Balakrishna film song at a recent public event. This anguished the YCP MLA, Srinivas Reddy and he started abusing and harassing the commoner.

Bhaskar Reddy then did a suicide attempt near the MLA’s house, saying he is unable to beat the torture that he is being put through by the MLA and his men.

Balakrishna came to know about this issue and he immediately revolted against the YCP MLA.

“This is my last and final warning to MLA Srinivas Reddy. I came to know that he is torturing a commoner for playing my song at a public event. Does the MLA think people are his slaves? I’m a cinema hero and all section of public listen to my song. Will the MLA go on to torture everyone who plays my song? If this continues, he will face the consequences” Balakrishna said.

Balayya was evidently angered about the fact that a commoner is being tortured by the MLA just for playing his song at an event.