Balakrishna Satisfies Cadre Hurt By NTR's Soft Stance!Nandamuri Balakrishna had released a very strongly worded statement over the name change of NTR University. He did not spare those behind the name change and those who claim themselves as NTR fans and remain as mute spectators.

“NTR is not a name to change. He is a culture, a civilization, and the backbone of the Telugu race. Father changed Airport’s name after coming to power. Son is changing the name of the University. People and Panchaboothalu are there to change you,” Balakrishna said.

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YSR Congress supporters are taking severe offense at using Panchaboothalu to refer to how YSR got killed in a chopper crash due to bad weather.

“There are some Nethas and Pethas who are surviving there (YSR Congress) due to the alms thrown by that great man. Even dogs are mocking these fellows who do not have faithfulness. They are shameless lives who have to bow their heads before dogs,” he added.

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It is evident that Balakrishna is referring to leaders in YSR Congress who call themselves NTR fans. Obviously, it is about Kodali Nani, Vallabhaneni Vamsi, Lakshmi Parvathi, and others who sing sermons about NTR on normal days but silently support Jagan in this issue.

TDP cadre and NTR supporters who were offended by Junior NTR’s soft response on the issue are welcoming this strong statement of Balakrishna.

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