Balakrishna Ruins Hard-Earned Goodwill in His Own WayNandamuri Balakrishna has accomplished something very difficult in the last week. He stood like a rock and ensure that not even a single ward in his Hindupur Municipality has become unanimous. This is something a senior politician like JC Diwakar Reddy could not manage in his bastion, Tadipatri.

Balayya’s stature as a politician increased after that. But then, Balayya squandered the goodwill in his own style. Balayya is campaigning in Hindupur and he apparently lost his cool on one of the party cadres. He is seen slapping the person in a fit of anger.

The video has gone viral on social media bringing criticism to the act from all quarters. This has also become a prime topic on News Channels. Balayya fans are worried about how the actor-politician despite doing a lot of good work is frequently staying in news after failing to control his anger.

The Municipal elections in Andhra Pradesh will happen on the 10th and the results will be out on the 12th. Balayya is extensively campaigning in the 38 wards of Hindupur municipality.