Balayya-Refuses-to-Recognize-Nagababu's--RelevanceNandamuri Balakrishna is a loose cannon. Balayya will explode any time and will also never hesitate to explode whenever some one says something about him. The actor-politician is recently in news for controversial remarks about the series of meetings between Tollywood biggies and Telangana Government.

Mega Brother Nagababu opposed Balayya tooth and nail over these comments and demanded an unconditional apology from the actor-politician. Not stopping there, Nagababu made some indirect remarks on Balayya as well as Telugu Desam Party.

Not going into the merits of Balayya’s or Nagababu’s comments, this is not the first time Nagababu has attacked the Hindupur MLA. Before the elections, Nagababu released a series of videos making a scathing attack on Balayya. He even challenged Balayya to win in Hindupur this time. What happened later is known to all.

Interestingly, going against his attitude, Balayya did not respond about Nagababu during the elections time. Even in regard to the recent comments, Balayya did not make any comment. In a recent interview, the anchor tried her level best to make Balayya comment on Nagababu but he brushed it off as if he does not recognize Nagababu’s presence or relevance at all.