Balakrishna Intelligently Avoids YSR Congress's TrapNandamuri Balakrishna has finally responded about Jagan Government naming the Vijayawada district after NTR. YSR Congress has tried its level best to make Balayya thank Jagan Government on the issue and derive political mileage against Chandrababu Naidu. That will be a way to distant NTR fans, Nandamuri family, and bring divide in TDP, YSR Congress felt. But Balayya did not fall into this trap.

“I don’t think this Government has any respect towards NTR. It is just a Political Stunt. If Jagan Government has any respect towards NTR, it would not allow the demolition of NTR statues after coming to power. No action on their party leaders who did that. Let the Chief Minister come to the media and condemn that,” Balayya said.

“Of Jagan has real love towards NTR, he should continue the welfare schemes which are on the name of the Legend. NTR district is to divert the attention of the people from the misrule of the Jagan Government,” Balayya added. Balakrishna has been leading an agitation in his constituency demanding Hindupur to be made the district headquarters.

“Hindupur Parliament should be made into the district and let it be named after Sathya Sai but Hindupur should be the headquarter. There is no way Government should resort to politics in this. If needed, I am ready to meet the Chief Minister on this,” he said to the media.