Balakrishna Exact Opposite In PoliticsNandamuri Balakrishna is usually away from the daily happenings in films. Film Industry is more of social media these days and but the actor is not available in that space and so is not fully aware of the happenings and ground realities there.

But it looks not the case with politics. A few days ago, Anantapur police have raided women leaders houses in the name of Cordon Searches. They also seized a few cars belonging to a woman Tejaswini who runs a driving school.

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Tejaswini and a few other women alleged that this is part of Vendetta politics since they are TDP Supporters. They were in tears on the live TV and it has become a sensation in the political circles. Balakrishna immediately called the woman and assured all support from his side.

He gave a matured support to them asking to be brave and reach out to him if anything is needed. The phone call audio has gone viral on social media. It looks like unlike films, Balakrishna is fully aware of political happenings in the state. Probably that is the reason for his success there.

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