Andhra Pradesh -Supreme Court - YS JaganJagan Government’s fetish for Party Colours on Government Buildings seems to be totally incomprehensible. After back to back adverse judgments from the High Court, the Government informed a section of media that it will backtrack and whitewash all the buildings.

The decision was supposed to be informed to the court this morning when the Chief Secretary attends the court hearing in Contempt of the Court case. But the Government changed its decision at the last minute. Andhra Pradesh Government filed a special leave petition in the Supreme Court.

The Government urged the Supreme Court to allow four colors on Government Buildings. Three colors of the YSR Congress along with the Terracotta color. Legal Experts are shocked with the audacity of the Government to go for an appeal even though it is evident that the case is unlikely to stand the legal scrutiny.

The State Government had adverse judgments in around 60 to 70 cases in the first year of its coming to power. All the cases are similar with less substance. Without changing its mindset or legal advisors, the party and its supporters would later blame the judiciary and Chandrababu. “Baffling How Jagan Goes to Court on Silly Issues and Then Blame Courts,” Legal experts opine.