YSRCP-MLA-Dasari-SudhaDasari Sudha became MLA of Badvel after her husband Venkata Subbiah passed away in the middle of his term. Sudha who is a doctor got the YSR Congress ticket in the by-election and won.

The By-election happened in November 2021 but Sudha has been inactive in the constituency since then. Badvel of Kadapa district is an SC-reserved constituency.

Senior Leader Govindha Reddy is an influential man in the constituency. His choice of candidates would prevail in the constituency be it in Congress or in YSR Congress now.

Sudha religiously followed Govinda Reddy until now but then, her name figured in the worst-performing MLAs in CM Jagan’s Survey Reports.

She was warned to improve or make way for others in the next election.

Sudha has realized that Govinda Reddy can not steer her to safety and is hurriedly participating in the Gadapa Gadapaku program. We will have to see if that will be enough.

TDP last won the constituency way back in 1999. In the nine elections that happened after the TDP inception, the Cycle party only won three times.