Dr dasari Sudha Wins YSRCP Badvel By- ElectionsBadvel By-election result has come as expected. With Telugu Desam Party staying away as a mark of respect to the deceased sitting MLA, the contest has paled. Only lackluster BJP and toothless Congress have fielded candidates in this election.

YSR Congress candidate, Dasari Sudha, wife of the passed away lead has won with a huge majority. BJP’s candidate came at a distant second getting less than 20% of the votes polled for YSR Congress. But then, this victory can be very misleading for the ruling party.

The result will ensure that the ruling party will believe that their welfare schemes are working and they need not worry anything about the roads or the investments which are in real bad shape reeking negligence for the past two and a half years. It is quite common for the party leaders to come before the media and flaunt the victory.

But they should remember this is a by-election which naturally helps the ruling party and then, there is no competition whatsoever with TDP opting out of the contest. The victory should not infuse over-confidence in them which will only hurt them in the main election – the election that matters.