Jana Sena Anantapur Meeting November 10th - Blaming Narendra Modi Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan is gearing up for another meeting on the Special Status issue this evening in Anantapur. But then the meeting comes at a time when no Politician really wants to have one. It is a layman’s guess that a meeting on Special Status should be targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Central Government.

But then it is a really bad time to blame Modi. The Prime Minister who cruised to a Sensational Victory in 2014 rubbished off anti-incumbency if any with the announcement of demonetizing 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes in a bid to crackdown black money, fake currency, and Terror Funding.

Even though people are at a short-term inconvenience with this move, everyone is welcoming this decision as it will do long term good to the country and its economy. This is the first biggest success of Modi since 2014 elections. In fact, this is the first time Modi performed up to the people’s expectations since becoming the Prime Minister.

And then this is a very bad time to criticize the Prime Minister. It has to be seen how Pawan Kalyan strikes a balance in his speech later this evening, even the seasoned politician will have a tough time to deal with such situations. It will be definitely a challenge for a novice politician like Pawan Kalyan.