AP Special Status YSRCP MPs Resignation Parliament Winter SessionThe other day, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy went on to announce that his Party MPs will stall the proceedings of the upcoming Budget Session of Parliament. He went on to say that his party will wait until the Winter Session of Parliament for the Special Status and if not, will be resigning for their MP Posts then.

But then this came as a shock for YSR Congress MPs. This Resignation issue is not discussed in the party and was unilaterally announced by Jagan in the heat of the moment. They are shocked about how they can go for by-elections when there is still two years of term. They are worried about the election expense and what happens if Special Status do not turn into Sentiment.

On the other side, Political Experts say that this challenge will not garner minimum mileage to the party. “Resignations on the Spot may have done some good but then this next year resignations will not help. Also only MPs resigning while MLAs staying safe is sending wrong signals to the people. Definitely not a good move from Jagan,” Political Experts say.

“20 MLAs gone and if the MLAs resign and with many of them losing will spell doom for YSR Congress before 2019 elections and so, Jagan cleverly put MPs at risk. If at all he is serious of that, MPs may revolt and defections may increase further which will defeat the actual purpose of Jagan’s Challenge,” they added. It’s high time Jagan should get a better strategist. These ideas only amount to Political Suicides!