Avanthi Srinivasa RaoAvanthi Srinivasa Rao won three elections from three different parties. After 2019, he was taken into Jagan’s cabinet. He is the sole representation from Vizag.

But then, Avanthi’s graph is suddenly heading Southwards. In the last cabinet reshuffle, he lost his cabinet berth.

Opponents term himself as a big failure as a Minister who did nothing for Vishakapatnam or Uttarandhra.

Later he was appointed as District Party President but lost that as well immediately. He was replaced by Panchakarla Ramesh Babu.

Vulgar audio leaks of Avanthi on multiple occasions damaged his political image big time.

YSR Congress party high command came to the conclusion that he can not lead the party to elections in the district.

Avanthi has become inactive in the party after losing his cabinet berth. The silence is not helping his cause as well.

With this bad image and the party’s high command’s opinion of him, Avanthi Srinivasa Rao’s future looks gloomy.