Avanthi-Srinivas-Former minister and Bheemili MLA Muthamsetty Srinivasa Rao faced the ire of the women in the ‘Gadapa Gadapaku Mana Prabhutvam’ program.

While he was visiting Endada BC Colony under the eighth ward of GVMC on Sunday, many women spoke about the issues.

A woman named Bhavani from Rajaka Street told him that she did not get Chedhodu’s plan, he immediately called the secretariat secretary and inquired.

She alleged that Chedhodu scheme was applied to many people here without shops and she was deliberately stopped.

A woman named Uppuluri Narayanamma complained that she was not eligible for Arogyasree. Responding to that, Muttamshetty ordered Zonal Commissioner Rama to take steps to implement Arogyasree for her immediately.

Later the former minister went to Endada SC Colony. The colony Youth Association secretary Bellam Srinu questioned that if 1000 crores were spent for development works in their colony, then why are the roads in such a bad condition?

MLA Muttamsetty became very furious. He said that the leaders of TDP and Janasena came and are creating an unnecessary ruckus and ordered police to take care of them.