etela rajender new party inside infoMinutes after the polling of Municipal elections in Telangana, a section of media including TRS’ mouthpiece, T News has made startling allegations on Health Minister Eetala Rajender grabbing lands worth 100 Crore. A few farmers have complained about the minister forcibly taking over their lands in Acchampeta and Hakimpeta for Jamuna Hatcheries, owned by the Minister.

The Chief Minister ordered an inquiry about it almost immediately. On the other side, social media is erupting with speculations that those in power have pinned down Eetala after some of his public comments targeting the TRS and the Government.

There are rumors that Eetala joined hands with a few other big political names in Telangana to launch a new political party. A senior Congress leader who recently resigned is also said to be a part of this party plan. The speculations are that this operation is aimed at nipping a possible rebellion in the party right in the bud stage.

Eetala came before the media and rubbished all those allegations and also asked all possible agencies to be used for the probe. He did not make any direct comments about the Chief Minister in the presser but dropped some indirect hints.