Attack On Chandrababu's Wife: Pre-Planned?Andhra Pradesh assembly has witnessed an ugly character assassination attempt on Chandrababu Naidu‘s wife, Bhuvaneshwari. Unable to take the insult, Chandrababu had broken down in a press conference. Naidu who is known to be a composed man would not let out emotions so easily.

So his emotional outburst has come as a shock for everyone. Even though there are signs of public anger on the issue, there is no remorse in the ruling party, and the leaders continued to defend their cheap behavior. Meanwhile, TDP alleges that this is a planned attack.

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“Rayalaseema is reeling under horrible floods. The Chief Minister brushed off his responsibility by announcing 1000 Rupees to the victims in the relief camps and even that did not reach the victims. The media is supposed to be completely occupied with horror stories. The issue has been directed using these abuses,” they suspect.

“It is quite common that media would compare the work of Chandrababu during such natural disasters and the attitude of Jagan now. The CM does not have the heart or courage to reach out to the people. This is a diversion tactic to keep the media busy. This is the gift to Rayalaseema people who stood by Jagan since 2019,” they allege.

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