Mekapati-Vikram-Reddy-Somu-VeerrajuBJP State President Somu Veerraju has written a letter to the State Election Commission about election malpractices by YSR Congress in the Atmakur bypoll.

Somu complained that the Ruling party distributes money to voters using the Volunteers.

“Wherever we are trying to stop the volunteers, our cadre is being attacked,” Veerraju wrote to the SEC.

BJP is the only major opposition party in Atmakur Bypoll.

TDP and Janasena stayed away from the contest with respect to Late Mekapati Goutham Reddy.

BJP is hoping for Janasena’s support to get a respectable number of votes in this election.

YSR Congress is taking the election seriously and wants to put up a One Lakh votes majority to claim there is no anti-incumbency. Hence, the party seems to be spending money despite having no contest.

Late Goutham Reddy’s brother, Vikram Reddy is in the fray for Atmakur.