Atmakur Bypoll: Big Red Flag For Opposition PartiesAtmakur by-election concluded yesterday and registered around 65% voting. Despite no contest from the opposition, YSR Congress took it prestigiously to get One Lakh votes majority.

The idea is to flaunt the majority and claim there is no anti-incumbency.

Keeping aside the majority and the result, the active participation of the volunteers is a major red flag for the opposition parties.

Candidates allege that several villages and ward volunteers hired by the government on honorarium to serve the people tried to influence voters to vote for the fan symbol in this election.

Volunteers were involved in distributing voter slips, moving voters in vehicles, and making phone calls to voters who did not come to vote.

There were also incidents where people were taken to polling booths to help the elderly and voted for the ruling party.

Volunteers are the people who know the voters of their area clearly. If they use this knowledge in favor of the ruling party in the assembly election as well, it will be a big problem for the Opposition.

The counting of the by-election will happen on the 26th of this month.