ATM on Wheels in Bengaluru Rs 500 Rs 1000 Rs Ban IndiaWith Modi’s strong decision to withdraw Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, the whole nation was taken by the storm. ATMs and banks were overflowing with people trying to exchange their money into denominations of smaller values. Mobile ATMs came as a breath of fresh air in this commotion.

A mobile ATM in Bengaluru was seen doing rounds providing cash when most of the other ATMs were out of it. The ATM belonged to Canara Bank and was roaming around near MG road in Bengaluru. The movable ATM in a blue bus helped over 800 customers withdraw a total of Rs. 8 lakh worth of cash.

Mr. M M Chiniwar, a General Manager in Canara Bank said “I was taking a stroll in the evening on MG Road and found that most of the ATMs were running out of cash. So, I got our mobile ATM, which serves Bengaluru Rural customers, pressed into service.”