Arvind Kejriwal's Retirement plans!
Arvind Kejriwal is planning to retire and dissolve his Aam Admi Party. Wonder why and when? Yes, the Delhi Chief Minister is planning to take a ‘Political Sanyas’. But this will not be any sooner. It would be when the nation gets to have good policies and the nation changes for the better. However, he said that will not take ages or 100s of years. “I can see the light on the horizon. People are changing. They are being awakened”, he said.

Kejriwal also made it clear that his party will be contesting upcoming Lok Sabha polls with honest candidates be the number be any. He also cleared that AAP would not go with any political party or be part of “power politics” in the event of a hung verdict in the Lok Sabha polls. A similar promise he made during Delhi polls but failed to keep up to it.