Arvind Kejriwal's honeymoon over!

Arvind Kejriwal’s dream honeymoon session seem to end quickly than expected. Rambeer Shokeen, an independent MLA supporting the AAP government is threatening to withdraw his support to the party as Kejriwal’s government failed in all the aspects to keep up its promises. Out of 70 members Assembly, AAP government has total 36 MLAs support including its own 28 and Congress 8.

The speaker belongs to AAP and another MLA, Vinod Kumar Binny has been suspended from party for antiparty activities. So, the current strength of AAP will come to 26 and it would be 36 in total with Congress and two independent MLAs. The magic number to stay afloat is 36. With this independent backing out, the government is in verge of a collapse. Kejriwal’s government came under scanner in recent times for various decisions he taken after coming to power. The Chief Minister’s dharna also did not go well with any one with media and opposition calling his anarchist.