Lokesh_Nara_TDPNara Lokesh is at his fiery best at the ongoing Yuvagalam Yatra which is going on in Chittoor district. His dialect and non-scripted speeches are working in his favor right in the early stages of the mega walkathon.

Now, Lokesh has raised a straight question to the common public as he interacted with a big crowd today.

“I met a farmer in Shatipuram yesterday, who owned an auto. I asked him about the constant spike in petrol prices and he said he was unaware of it. I was confused for a second. He then told me he never fills petrol in AP, and always goes to Karnataka for the same as petrol is Rs 10 cheaper these” Lokesh said.

Adding further, he said “Are we so very rich or are we so dumb to be in the administration of mindless man(Jagan) who spikes the prices of commodities and essential goods at his own wish? We are paying Rs 10 more for a liter of petrol in AP than in Karnataka.”

Lokesh’s straight question to the public drew a good response from the crowd. The disparity in petrol prices in two neighbouring states is staggeringly big and Lokesh has used the same to good effect.