Araku MP Kothapalli Geetha is not at all happy with YSR Congress Party high command and local leaders. It is said that she is not being informed about the review meeting in Uttarandhra and was even not aware of Jagan’s Uttarandhra trip. She reportedly is feeling that the high command is looking down on her since she is an ST lady. She even openly expressed her dissatisfaction with a TV channel. She even went to say lady members are being belittled in the party.

There is a talk that she will be very soon quitting YSR Congress and is harboring the plans of joining Telugu Desam Party or Bharatiya Janta Party. Only the fear of anti-defection law is keeping her calm. Geetha on record said she is going to be with YSR Congress but even her close confidantes say the dissatisfaction levels can push her to a decision any moment. Kothapalli Geetha formerly worked in very senior position of Revenue department. She recently made very good speech in Parliament on her debut.