Nara_lokesh_RTC_DriverThe YCP government has made it a point to make headlines over petty reasons and here’s a new incident involving Nara Lokesh and a common RTC driver.

Incidentally, an RTC bus driver was seen giving a handshake to Nara Lokesh while the latter was on his Yuvagalam Yatra in Chittoor district. The driver was in an energetic avatar after seeing Lokesh and he gave a handshake from the bus. Related video went viral on social media.

But what followed later is a whole lot more shocking. The RTC driver was reportedly sacked for shaking hands with Lokesh.

Lokesh addressed the same in his latest public interaction. “If you have a problem with a common man shaking my hand, then you should take it up with me, not to show your might on the commoner. What wrong did the RTC driver do to lose his job?” Lokesh said.

Lokesh added that such is the horrid state of affairs in Andhra Pradesh and this is the kind of torture the public is having to face in the state now.