IVR Krishna Rao photoTruncated state Andhara Pradesh pinned lot of hopes on Center to fulfil the promise stated in AP re org act to fill the budget gap promised by the Center. As per records, AP state government has sought Rs, 15,600 crore to fill the shortfall created for the state because of bifurcation.

AP Chief Secretary I.Y.R. Krishna Rao was in shock during his recent Delhi Visit when Central Union Finance Ministry said that AP’s file was closed due to state has Rs 1000 Crore surplus budget.

Stunned by this, he immediately pooled state officials to submit the documents again. It was later identified that, if Center sanctions Rs 15,600 crores, AP will have Rs 1000 crore surplus budget. However, Union finance Secretary misread the figures and thought AP has surplus of thousand crores and closed the file.

The issue was sorted out and the file again put up for further steps.