Apartments sale pick up in AmaravatiIf the efforts of Andhra Pradesh government pay off, 20000 employees from Hyderabad along with their families will be shifted to Amaravati by June the next year. This 20000 employees shift along with their families will increase the population by one more Lakh at least.

This One Lakh population addition will push the demand for housing. The rentals are likely to increase which will push land prices which will benefit real estate companies as well as the local farmers who are willing to sell their lands instead of participating in the land pooling.

The demand for flats in apartments will also see an upward trend now. Until now there is no demand for apartments as the rentals are very low in comparison to the apartment costs. The builders of Amaravati who are sitting on empty apartments for a long time are reaching out to CRDA saying that they are ready to rent their apartments to government employees.