K ViswanathIt is known that Tollywood is mourning the sad passing of legendary Telugu filmmaker K Viswanath who breathed his last a couple of days ago.

In this context, there’s a discussion on social media pertaining to the final rites of Viswanath as there are no state honours for the same.

“AP and Telangana governments have been sending their representatives and paying respects to the passings of Tollywood personalities of late. But why are there no full state honours for Viswanath. We didn’t see any representatives paying final respects either” a netizen pointed out.

Another social media user opines that the governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are insulting the legendary K Viswanath by not showing the respect he truly deserves.

Both the state governments are now under the pump for disrespecting K Viswanath in these hard hours.