AP Ticket Rates Issue Diverted to Pawan Kalyan Personal LifeTollywood industry has suffered like any other industry in India or abroad for that matter. The crisis needs no introduction, the wounds are still fresh and we have few major industries outside Telugu states still not open due to the COVID.

While Telangana created no trouble to the suffering industry, AP govt ticket rates issue hit the industry big time. The unnecessary issue for common public has become a highest priority for the government.

While Pawan Kalyan used the Republic movie pre-release event to his political benefit to address various political issues like Kodi Kathi, Cheap liquor etc. YSRCP was also successful in diverting the attention to Pawan Kalyan’s personal life by employing Posani and several other political leaders from YSRCP.

Industry folks who invested money into production and financiers involved are helpless and cursing their own fate for being in the film trade like never before.

The situation for them is more or less same like people who invested in Amaravati thinking that they are investing in the Capital city until YS Jagan took over. But once Jagan took charge one capital has become three capitals without a single foundation stone laid so-far. What happened to the land values in and around Amaravati is a no-brainer.

Similarly, here who invested in the film trade never had any idea that they will be the victims of AP political leaders!