AP-speical-status-confirmedThere is a strong buzz within the sources that Central government is gearing up to make a statement regarding the Special Status promised to Andhra Pradesh during the State bifurcation. This Special Status will not be in tune of the present Special Status of some backward states since AP do not fit in to the criteria. Selected Revenue divisions of Andhra Pradesh will be given the status.

According to trusted sources, Chandrababu Naidu pressed for having 2 Revenue divisions around the VGTM zone, one around Vishakapatnam and one around Tirupati and the Center agreed for it. The State government has already given the list of Revenue Mandals where government lands are present in abundance and the center chose the zones from it. It is said that the Union government had not considered the Special Status request of Telangana State and also the apprehensions of Karnataka regarding AP’s Special Status.

It is not yet clear that if the Center has obliged to the request of Chandrababu Naidu to grant the Special Status for 15 years. Finance Minister promised him to announce 10 years first and extend for another 5 years in due course of time but Chandrababu wants to have the 15 years period announced now itself. The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister wants the announcement to come before his planned foreign tours from this month end so that he can lure the investors there will this special status.