After the state bifurcation, every one feared about the tax income of Andhra Pradesh. Initially AP was expected to get only 18% of income and Telangana will get 82% income according to the location of businesses. But this calculations went wrong with AP registering good income. The government is expecting Rs 32,164 crore from major revenue collection departments like sales tax, excise, stamps and registrations and motor vehicles tax, in the present financial year and Rs 16,461 crore is expected from non-tax revenues like forests, mines and minerals and other sources.

The government targeted 5000 Crore a month in the form of taxes but the collections was 900 Crore less in July month and they hope they will reach the target by the end of the month tax collection. The income of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh combine is expected to be 60000 Crores this year. Last year the united state got 55000 Crores income.