Andhra Pradesh ranked third in country in FDIs belonging Financial Times Newspaper had come up with a report over the Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) attracting states in the country. According to the report, Andhra Pradesh is placed third by drawing USD 610 Billion (41000 Crores) Foreign direct Investments in 2015.

Gujarat with USD 12.36 Billion and Maharashtra with USD 8.28 Bilion are in the top 2 positions. Karnataka and Jharkhand are in the places next to Andhra Pradesh. Interestingly, the FDIs for Navyandhra got doubled after the state bifurcation when compared to the investments the region got in United AP.

That means FDIs are more concentrated in Hyderabad during the United AP and only after the bifurcation, the 13 districts region is getting benefitted. The report also said that India in the leadership of Narendra Modi had crossed China in attracting FDIs and is cruising towards becoming financial biggie in Asia.