For the first time after the state bifurcation, Andhra Pradesh state has recorded more income than the newly carved out Telangana state. Earlier it was estimated that the income of AP will fall out after losing the cash cow, Hyderabad, however AP has been registering impressive figure month after month as traders change their tax filing according to the geographical location of their businesses. Andhra Pradesh has got 2978 Crores income for the month of August while Telangana has got 2650 Crores. Income from land registrations continue to disappoint Telangana with Real Estate still dull. The income from excise department is also not par on expectations. Experts say introduction of toddy shops in Hyderabad from Dussehra will further decrease excise income of the state.

On the other side, VAT on Petrol and Diesel sales is boosting AP’s income. The stamps and registrations income is gradually increasing indicating the healthy state of the real estate segment. On the flip-side, losing Singareni mines to Telangana has impacted significantly on the income from mines to Andhra Pradesh. However experts say AP is still far from celebrations as they should remember that AP is serving more population than Telangana and has more problems like no capital etc to battle unlike Telangana.