AP Ministers 'Too Casual' About Tollywood Issue!YSR Congress Ministers continue to be casual in the issue pertaining to the theaters. A couple of days ago, we have seen Cinematography Minister Perni Nani says it is not a big issue and questioned why the film releases are not getting stopped in case it is a problem.

“We have seen them close down during Corona. If that is an issue, they would have closed now as well,” Perni Nani said to a TV Channel. After Nani’s comments on the issue, another minister Botsa Satyanarayana also commented on similar lines.

“We will not allow if you will collect whatever you want. Cinema should be affordable to the common man. So, we have decreased the prices. They should approach the district administration if there is an issue. If there is a problem, the government will think about it,” Botsa said.

“Everything in the market will have an MRP. Is it insulting if we control ticket prices? Why would we insult the audience?,” Botsa questioned. The responses of the ministers sound so casual and sadly they are not even acknowledging the problem and the urgency even as an industry and Lakhs of families suffer.