Gudivada AmarnathAndhra Pradesh IT minister Gudivada Amarnath has turned more famous with his Kodi Guddu comment than his body of work for AP’s IT progress. He is back at it again now.

Amarnath recently said “A chicken can only lay an egg. It can’t give birth to a whole chicken. It will take time for an egg to hatch and grow into a chicken. Likewise, AP will take more time to develop.” His Kodi Guddu analogy went viral.

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Now, speaking about the three capitals confusion, Amarnath said “There are a few jobless people. Their only job is to pluck hair on a chicken egg. The YCP government is clear on three capitals. We will administrate from Vizag while the other two capital will serve the denoted purpose. There’s no confusion on it. Vizag is the capital of Andhra Pradesh.”

The fact that Amarnath has bought up the Kodi Guddu reference again despite facing a lot of trolls on social media is catching the attention all over again now.

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