power problems in ap and tsWith Power demand decreasing due to Winter and Krishnapatnam First Unit resuming power generation, Andhra Pradesh is now a power surplus state at least for some days. In the entire November, only one day witnessed a deficit of 7 Million Units. Government is now thinking on the lines of shutting down one or two thermal units and do the annual maintenance works so as to make them ready for the Summer.

Andhra Pradesh is currently purchasing some power from other states and private sources, But they can not stop the purchases midway according to the PPAs, So the state government is thinking on the lines to sell the surplus power.We will have to see if Chandrababu gives preference to Telangana in this sale as he said earlier.

On the other side, officials said AP inherited 22 Million Units per day Power scarcity after the state division. But by various measures taken by the Chief Minister like getting excess coal from the Center, purchasing power from outside sources etc, the problem is effectively countered. Experts say AP will remain a power surplus state this Winter provided Krishnapatnam runs with out technical issues.